27 octubre 2018

ARAIPIASA develops an innovative system of stacking with robot ALL IN ONE

Starting from requirements of the customer to improve the work conditions for dry bricks, AUTOMATISMOS ARAIPIASA has developed the new ALL IN ONE robotic stacking system.

A new success story in which an adequate treatment of the bricks is achieved to avoid damaging it at high production levels.
The system consists of a double programming table by belts, a highly recognized solution by customers who have already tested it, avoiding the use of traditional chains and the unwanted damages in bricks that are caused by the contact with them. In this case, the table has an automatic turning device which it can be hidden automatically. We also have designed an multifunction gripper, which allows the handling of multiple formats of material as Catalan, European, engineering, gero 10, … in the same equipment, without the need for mechanical adaptations.
This new stacking system works by means of a single unit of robot with hight load capacity, which works mounted on a mobile platform. With this new system we avoid the traditional problem of reaching that most robotic stacks systems have, having to assembly two robotic units.

In that case, the line has been assembled on an existing installation. The long experience in this kind of works of AUTOMATISMOS ARAIPIASA has allowed minimize start-up times, allowing to re-establish quickly the production works.
Electronic programming allows the format change of bricks through fully automatic recipes.

The innovative ALL IN ONE stacking system opens up significantly the range of possibilities for stacking on kiln cars, allowing the use of multiple brick formats with the same system, stacking of mixed kiln cars (brick turned between bricks without be turned) and the stacking of kiln cars with half packs. All of them with the purpose of maximizing efficiency in the design and distribution of the packs in the kiln tunnel.

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