25 agosto 2021

Success story in robotic brick stacking in collaboration with FANUC

The use of robotic solutions for the ceramic sector is increasingly used. Away are the large manufacturing series to give way to shorter and personalized series. This requires systems that allow rapid adaptation to the particularities of each of the products to be manufactured.

ARAIPIASA has collaborated closely with the international company FANUC for the design of a brick stacking solution.

The use of the robot allows a wide range of products to be stacked in different positions, depending on the mechanical requirements of the piece itself or thermodynamic requirements of the fire process. The high loads to be handled would made need a large robot, which would be penalized by its ability to reach, forcing the use of two robotic units. The solution achieved through the track device allows maintaining a high load capacity for the robot, and it solves the problem of reaching with only one robot.

The robot plus track device ensures that the reach is guaranteed at any point of the wagon where we stack bricks, being able to handle heavy layers in a single way, which translates into an increase in production. Both the smooth loading and unloading of the bricks avoid unnecessary blows to the material, which cause unwanted rejections. Also, the surface finish of the pieces suffers fewer imperfections.

FANUC have edited a video explaining the success story and from ARAIPIASA we want to share it with all of you: