08 febrero 2021

ARAIPIASA presents a new laser cutting service

Continuing with our constant mission to offer the market new services and production and manufacturing solutions, AUTOMATISMOS ARAIPIASA, S.L. has recently acquired a new 3,3kW fiber laser cutting machine capable of cutting different thicknesses and materials. It has a double table for loading and unloading with automatic operation.

All this allows us to reduce costs and manufacturing times.

ARAIPIASA offers this new laser cutting service to external workshops, engineering, maintenance … Get in touch using the form for more information.

We can serve the cutting of the flat piece, as well as organize the subsequent processing to deliver the final finished piece.

The main benefits of laser cutting are:

-High production speed

-Possibility of marking on the pieces

-High dimensional accuracy

-Absence of burrs

-High security as it is a fully automated process

-High capacity to reproduce complex or unconventional designs

Cutting features:

-Steel up to 18mm

-Stainless up to 8mm

-Aluminum up to 6mm

-Max. dimensions 3000x1500mm