23 November 2022

New facilities

AUTOMATISMOS ARAIPIASA, a leading company in industrial automation for the brick industry, continues growing and expanding its business model with the acquisition of new facilities. A new necessary step to respond the increasing activity from the different business lines, such as the creatin of the commercial brand ARAMATICS of automatisms for the wine and packaging sector; and the design and manufacture of laser-cut and cold-formed sheet metal components.

The new headquarters will be located in the nearby village of Òdena, a little more than 5 min from the current location, with a capacity of more than 1700m2.

The facilities are currently under renovation to adapt the building to the development of industrial activity. It will have spacious offices equipped with the latest telecommunications technology and software tools for the Technical Office. The workshop is being equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for the development of industrial activities, with a more efficient rearrangement of the equipment, and exceptionally there will be an assembly and set-up area separate from the manufacturing area, providing friendlier and more suitable space for the final product.

Without a doubt, this new space is an important extension of our facilities that will facilitate and improve the work we do at AUTOMATISMOS ARAIPIASA. We hope to be able to announce shortly the move to these new facilities.