06 October 2021

Kilns and Dryers Design

Faced with the greater demands of the industry and the market, more and more customers trust our solutions for the design and manufacture of kilns and dryers. Good thermal efficiency leads to notable savings in energy costs day by day, ton by ton, being justified the initial investment.

Through a previous study and depending on the material to be manufactured and the raw materials available, we design the most suitable dryer, pre-kiln and oven system for each installation, applying the latest technological trends in construction and control.

Our services include, apart from the study, design and manufacture:

-Control and maximum demand of the materials used, insulating, refractory, etc.

-Special attention in the execution of the work

-Staff training for good management at all levels: kiln workers, shift managers, plant managers, laboratory …

-Use of algorithms developed by ARAPIASA for the automatic control and visualization of the installation, which translate into greater energy savings, increased quality and unbeatable efficiency.

-Provision of remote assistance to receive, under the authorization of the customer, help or advice to increase the quality of drying and burning, new products or possible technical incidents.