12 February 2019

Our team

In AUTOMATISMOS ARAIPIASA, S.L. we believe in people, that is why our main asset is our human team, formed by a group of highly qualified professionals in each of their areas. We put their capacity and experience at the service of our customers to provide solution for each of the projects.

Social and human values point us the way of all the projects that are carried out, offering a service of quality and trust.

Design and development
Own Technical Office, equipped with 3D design tools and fully computerized process management
Manufacturing and assembly workshop
Highly qualified staff

Technical and commercial advice for acquisition, disassembly, shipment and assembly of second-hand equipment
Development of projects to improve existing plants
Control of processes in plant

Advice and Training
Technical advice in customer installations
Practical training in our plant: Production, Maintenance, Plant management
Own laboratory: Personal practices, Clay analysis of our clients