02 May 2018

ARAIPIASA supplies a cutting line in Morocco

AUTOMATISMOS ARAIPIASA, S.L. has supplied a new cutting line for a brick factory to our customer in Morocco. The main aim in this project were both an increase in production and in the quality of the bricks produced. Each detail of the components that are in contact with the clay has been taken care of in order to treat the extruded pieces with extreme care.

The line consists of a conveyor just after the extruder, which could be easily handled to help in mold changing, cleaning and maintenance works in that area. Then, a continuous bar cutter for a working width of 1200mm, which will leads to a transversal belt conveyor, in order to minimizing the contact with mechanical elements that can mark the material. Finally, the line has an automatic cutter for hollow brick, ready to be adapted to the different cutting sizes available.

This configuration allows to work alternating two independent lines of extruded with the same multiple cutter and dryer loader.

All this project has been perfectly integrated into an existing line, as a customer requirements. The result has been a high increase in both the quality of the bricks produced and the capacity of production.