03 July 2017

ARAIPIASA consolidates a facility in Peru

AUTOMATISMOS ARAIPIASA, S.L. increases its presence in the South American market with the completion of a new work in Peru. The project has consisted of the automation of: extrusion zone, cutting and loading area, which are composed by double cutting line for both hollow and structural brick. The currently mechanisms have been implemented, improving manufacturing processes, and the plant has been equipped with a completely new electrical installation and electronic control system.

In a second phase, we have been commissioned the whole automatic movement of shelves for the semicontinuous dryer, providing of the factory a total control for the mechanisms involved in the production line. In a final stage, it has been conditioned and started up the whole area of discharging shelves and the stacking area for kiln cars, optimizing the automatism’s movements and increasing levels of effectiveness and productivity, as well as achieving an increase of the standards of quality of the final product.

All these works of engineering, automation and process improvement have been completed with some training seasons in which the new knowledge that is involved in the production lines have been transmitted to the operators.

All the effort made by our team is reflected in the trust that our customers place in AUTOMATISMOS ARAIPIASA, S.L. for help them in the improvement and implementation of automatisms in its own production lines.