26 April 2016

New set of electronic cutters ARAIPIASA

AUTOMATISMOS ARAIPIASA, S.L. is a consolidated company designing and manufacturing equipment for automation and control in the Heavy Clay sector, with special dedication in the field of cutters. In that family we find a wide range of equipment, from the group of simple electromechanical cutters to the most complete chamfering cutters on four sides for face brick or solid brick, not forgetting traditional multi-wire cutter for stationary slug and Multi-wire push-through cutter.

As a novelty from this year 2016, we expanded the range with the introduction of the new family of electronic cutters. It is powered by electronic units and driven by touch-screen computers. This technology offers a wide range of production possibilities. The cutting arc can be pneumatic or electromechanical drive, with single-wire or multi-wire cutting. For multi-wire device, it is available modular accessories to suit different cutting measures. The cut is made without stopping, allowing us to achieve production rates of up to 40 cuts/min. It also incorporates a system of permanent control of cutting wire break. The cutting length is programmable and/or adjustable by touch screen, and can range from 50mm to max. required length.

The use of electronic technology offers a precision in cutting of ±0.01mm, and gets high production speeds. Changing format of bricks is fast and easy. The use of PVC conveyors guarantees a correct treatment of the material, avoiding mechanical contacts that could mark it.

This kind of cutter is valid for manufacture block, hollow brick, perforated brick and special pieces.

With this device, AUTOMATISMOS ARAIPIASA, S.L. expands its range of cutters, being able to respond to all kinds of requirements in this field can apply for brick and tile manufacturers of the Heavy Clay sector.