21 March 2016

ARAIPIASA present in the South American market

Recently it has commissioned a project carried out by AUTOMATISMOS ARAIPIASA, S.L. to South American market. At first, the action lines have focused on improving efficiency and preparation of clay. It has changed the dosage of raw materials and grinding of the product. We have adapted the installation for get a double line dry grinding: directly from hammer mill or through the sieving.
It has modified the area of extruded and cutting. We have designed a new line which has two extruders which supply to a cutting line for hollow brick or to cutting line for facing bricks. Each of the extruders can operate interchangeably on both cutting lines. The cutting line for facing bricks has a system for bevel on all four edges.
Loading and unloading of the dryer racks is through automatic elevators.
AUTOMATISMOS ARAIPIASA, S.L. has designed a semicontinuous dryer 80m, equipped with full movement systems, to move racks, and has an automatic control of temperature, humidity and flow.
In this project has also equipped the stacking line for kiln cars, for formation of packs for hollow brick and face brick.
Finally, in the dehacking line, it has been equipped with the necessary equipment for unloading kiln cars, palletizing, shrink film and soaked system.
The aim of AUTOMATISMOS ARAIPIASA, S.L. in these expansions and renovations it’s to provide a technological advance facilities, technical advice and training, which will achieve a substantial increase in production and quality of the finished material, and optimization and savings in energy consumption.